I had the pleasure of having the team from Bella Patina Interiors come to my house to help decorate for Christmas. Wow, my husband and I are so pleased with the results. They did an absolutely awesome job. Very professional and these ladies know what they are doing. They were able to pull greenery from our yard and also used the decorations we already had! Give them a call, the best in Atlanta!

~Dot Kenimer

I had a wonderful time meeting with Amy at our house! We spent several hours and worked very efficiently in multiple rooms moving stuff around, discussing ideas, paint colors, curtains, pillows, etc. I loved her method of observing the current furniture and décor and making suggestions and encouraging me to "get out of my comfort zone" when making selections, but at the same time staying in line with what I will ultimately like for our home. I also learned so much from our discussions that I will be able to apply in all of my future home decorating endeavors. I really look forward to having Amy back out for round #2!

~Meredith Norman

The stress of the holidays were looming and the list of things to do was growing. The tree still wasn't up. Decorating the house falls mostly on me and with our 3 little boys and our busy schedule I would be doing so in 30 minute incrementsover a 2 week period. Enter Bella Patina Interiors!! Amy & Heather came to my house, we chatted for a few and then I left. 4 hours later I came home to a perfectly decorated home! She used my decorations and greenery from my yard to make my home the most beautiful it's ever been at Christmas time, doing things I would have never thought of. I don't have enough words for how thankful I am to Bella Patina Interiors for making things easier for me this holiday season. I smile every time I walk into my home. Some may say Bah Humbug to not decorating your own home but I say New Family Tradition!! They were a true pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend them. Next up... A boys shared bathroom and an outer space mural!

~Tara Kilgore

Amy Johnson, with Bella Patina Interiors, has a true eye for design and beauty. She makes existing household items cohesive within the space, comes up with fresh ideas, and then sometimes just flips your world (or room!) upside down. I love my moody living room and dining room combo. I adore all my Christmas décor. Everything feels put in place, warm, and cozy. I love my home all over again!

~Lucy Cross

Absolutely amazing! Amy came out for a 2 hour session and left me with a totally new look for my living room! Everyone that has been by to visit is amazed at how small changes have made such a dramatic impact on our living area! Highly recommend Amy and Bella Patina!

~Meredith King